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Meals designed to fit your body’s needs


Choose the type of menu you would like.

  1. Select your diet type based on your DNA fitness profile or personal preference:

    • Balanced

    • Low-carb

    • Low-fat

  2. Get the calories you need every day. If you don’t know your needs, just scroll down and use the calculator we provided below.

  3. Our plans are flexible:

    • Choose 5, 10, 20, and 60 days of delivery

    • Freeze at any point, we just need 48 hours heads-up

    • Get Vegan/vegetarian or nut-free options. All our meals are gluten-free

A tip for weight loss, keep your daily calories between 300 and 600 under your daily needs. This will make weight loss bearable and sustainable without affecting your performance. Drastic cuts in calorie intake are unhealthy and not recommended.

Coach Omar will contact you after your purchase to ensure you get the best out of the plan. If you have any questions about this, feel free to send an email to or use the WhatsApp link on the page and we will contact you asap.


Calorie calculator

 Use this calculator to know how many calories you need every day, this will help you plan your meals and reach your goals.

When choosing your activity level, use the following references:

  • Sedentary: Your activity is 20min of walking or less per day. If you lose your breath going up one flight of stairs, chose this one

  • Lightly active: You do low intensity exercise like walking or group classes 1 or 2 times per week

  • Moderately active: You do group classes or train with a PT 3-5 times per week at a good level of intensity. You stand out in your classes and can do things a bit better than newbies. You still do races “just to finish”.

  • Very active: You exercise 6-7 times per week at a high level. You can place in the top 25% of the races you participate in or can do things better than most

  • Extremely active: You train every day seriously and follow a well-structured program, sometimes you train 2x day with high intensity and load. Most people think you are at a high level, including your coach or athletic peers

BMR Calculator provided by BMR Calculator